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Real Estate Closings

Whether you are cash buyer, are represented by a real estate agent or borrowing money from a lender to buy your home or commercial property, Connolly Law Firm offers real estate closing services at a convenient location in Urbandale, Iowa.


To check on schedule availability call (515) 331-1301. Also call that number should you have any questions about real estate closings or need to reschedule.


Service               2015 Fee


Settlement Fee:                                             $350.00


Document Preparation (Deed, GWHS and DEC): 150.00


Title Exam/Opinion: 180.00


Title Insurance/Guaranty

(to Iowa Title Guaranty)

(ex: loan amount: $135,450

endorsements: EPA, Alta 100

total fee: $136 + $15 + $151)


Recording Fees

1st Page: $7.00

add’l pages: 5.00/each

Auditor’s Fee per legal conveyed: 5.00/each


Wiring fee, if applicable:
$25.00 per incoming
$25.00 per outgoing


Courier fee, if applicable: $25.00 per service


Additional Costs relating to Closings:

Abstracting Fees
– there are typically charges for Seller and Buyer to be paid at closing to the abstracting company (fees vary greatly; but expect between $100-$750)

Real Estate Commissions
– these charges and others, if applicable, should be provided to Connolly Law Firm, PLLC by the involved agents


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