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Transactional Law

Many people find real estate to be a confusing and complicated subject. It need not be.

Connolly Law Firm helps to simplify issues, thoroughly explain the law and discuss alternatives for resolving the matter at hand.

For the sophisticated experienced real estate client, Connolly Law Firm possesses the expertise to handle complex transactions in an efficient timely manner.

Connolly Law Firm works to ensure that each transaction, whether residential or commercial, proceeds proficiently from start to finish.

A common term found in most, if not all, real estate contracts is “time is of the essence.” This phrase requires the prompt and timely fulfillment of obligations under a contract; failure to complete performance within the time set forth in a document may mean a breach of contract.

Connolly Law Firm is committed to providing the well organized services necessary for clients to comply with any requirements for “timely” performance; and all other contract obligations; which, in turn, leads to the ultimate goal – closing of the transaction.


There are various types of real estate transactions a person, or entity, can be a party to. These include: 1) For Sale by Owner; 2) For Lease by Owner; 3) A residential property listed for sale with a real estate professional and 4) A commercial property listed for sale or for lease with a real estate professional.

Each type of transaction and contract is unique. Connolly Law Firm has created a thorough checklist for each of these described roles. Contact the Connolly law Firm today and get your transaction off to a successful start.


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