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Located in Urbandale, Iowa (a suburb of Des Moines) this law office is devoted to the general practice of law with an emphasis on all matters concerning real estate – commercial or residential, big or small.


As a real estate attorney I advise clients dealing with any, and all, issues they confront involving real estate. I represent my clients thoroughly and effectively until the matter is satisfactorily resolved.


In respect to representing those who develop/redevelop property, I focus on results that 1) are economically efficient; 2) promote responsible land use; 3) achieve comprehensive community growth.


I first developed my understanding and appreciation of real estate, and the laws surrounding it, as a shadow of my father, John Connolly III, a long time zoning lawyer in Des Moines. As a young man I spent many hours observing my father handle various real estate and land use issues.


I studied how he pursued the best interests of his client while always showing respect for the process and for all involved parties. I do my best to mirror my father’s approach and attitude in my own law practice and client representation.

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