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Connolly Law Firm, PLLC, offers trusted and complete residential and commercial real estate law services. My legal representation includes, but is not limited to, all matters involving contracts, agreements, leases, easement and covenants. I also provide legal services concerning boundary disputes, mechanic liens, tax sales, property tax assessment protests, land use/zoning, litigation and overall transactional law.

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Real Estate Contracts, Agreements, Leases and Covenants

My law firm advises clients on appropriate terms, conditions and other provisions to incorporate into their contracts and other property and real estate documents to best achieve their particular objectives. In addition, my law firm represents clients’ interests and rights by enforcing or defending their contracts or property interests when appropriate.

Boundary Law & Adjoining Landowner Disputes

Property boundary disputes have been around for centuries. People are very protective over their own property lines. Misidentification, misalignment or mistake concerning an alleged or perceived boundary can create conflict between two or more landowners. My law firm helps those faced with property boundary disputes by identifying the issue(s) and giving legal guidance to resolve the conflict at hand.

Eminent Domain

The right to own real estate is a cornerstone of society in America. However, our government has the legal ability to “take” private property away for public works projects. That said, the private property owner is entitled to just compensation in return for conveying the property to the government entity. If you are presented an Offer to Buy from a government entity pursuant to our Eminent Domain laws you are able to negotiate the price or challenge that being offered. If you are faced with a possible “taking” of your real estate by a government entity using our Eminent Domain laws and you have questions please contact Connolly Law Firm, PLLC today.

Transactional Law

Real estate transactional law practice involves researching, analyzing, preparing and reviewing of relevant documents. Examples include contracts for acquisitions, land use, property rights to all the paperwork involved in the purchase of a house or commercial building. Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws also falls under this heading. The goal of transactional practice is to never see the inside of a courtroom. Let Connolly Law Firm assist you with your next real estate transaction.

Real Estate Litigation

My law firm aims to help clients resolve their legal issues and disputes long before the need to file a lawsuit. However, your situation may require litigation for resolution and my law firm will assert and protect your interests in Court when need be.

Mechanic Liens

Whether you are a contractor or subcontractor needing to enforce your mechanic’s lien in Court in order to be paid for materials and/or labor provided; or you are a property owner defending an attempt by a contractor or subcontractor to collect money, I can help you navigate the legal process concerning such liens and achieve success.

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Connolly Law Firm, PLLC

Located in West Des Moines, Iowa, Connolly Law Firm is devoted to the general practice of law with an emphasis on all matters concerning real estate – commercial or residential, big or small. My practice is committed to helping individuals and businesses resolve their real estate matters as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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My wife and I originally contacted Mr. Connolly for legal advice on our rights as renters. After terminating our lease, our former landlord withheld our security deposit without notice or reason, so we contacted Mr. Connolly again and secured his services for recovering our security deposit. Mr. Connolly was very forthright with us about our options, which ultimately led to small claims court. He took all of the legal complexity out of the process by handling everything on our behalf, and ultimately we were able to recover our money thanks to his help! If we ever find ourselves in a similar situation, we will definitely be calling on his help again. Thank you!

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