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Contract Law

If it is not in writing – Good Luck!


Every agreement should be put into writing. Not every situation is the same; especially when it concerns real estate.


No matter the size or value of the transaction at hand, the deal is only as solid as the contract that governs it. Connolly Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to negotiate contract terms and draft the documents that incorporate those terms. It also reviews contracts, advises clients as to their contract needs and concerns; and will represent clients in the enforcement of their contracts when necessary.


The legal counsel provided by Connolly Law Firm will protect your rights and interests in a cost-effective manner. Dan Connolly will do his best to achieve the best outcome possible.


At Connolly Law Firm litigation is only a tool of last resort. However, when necessary it will be utilized as well after full consultation with the client.


To learn more about how Connolly Law Firm may be able to assist you or to schedule a free consultation call (515) 331-1301.

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