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Mechanic’s Liens

If you are a construction contractor, subcontractor or supplier of construction materials mechanic’s liens are useful tools to ensure you get paid for your work or supplies.
If you are a property owner faced with a mechanic’s lien issue, it may behoove you to understand the situation before the lienholder commences the process of foreclosing the lien to collect on an outstanding invoice.


Used correctly a mechanic’s lien can be an efficient tool to secure payment of an amount owed. But a mistake made while drafting, or in filing, the lien, no matter how small, can defeat its’ purpose and be of no legal force


For the property owner, the potential for the abuse of mechanic’s liens can lead to unforeseen consequences.


Should your legal concern involve a mechanic’s lien consult with the legal counsel at Connolly Law Firm on these matters:


• Lien preparation, filing and service thereof
• Enforcement of the lien in the form of a foreclosure action
• Owner representation to:
– defend foreclosure of the lien
– remove defect mechanic’s liens
– to seek and recover damages from wrongful mechanic liens


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