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My wife and I originally contacted Mr. Connolly for legal advice on our rights as renters.  After terminating our lease, our former landlord withheld our security deposit without notice or reason, so we contacted Mr. Connolly again and secured his services for recovering our security deposit.  Mr. Connolly was very forthright with us about our options, which ultimately led to small claims court.  He took all of the legal complexity out of the process by handling everything on our behalf, and ultimately we were able to recover our money thanks to his help!  If we ever find ourselves in a similar situation, we will definitely be calling on his help again.  Thank you!

— Craig and Jodi Aldrich (April 2016)

I own half of a bi attached duplex in Ankeny. Several years ago I hired a contractor who constructed a 4 season porch addition at the rear of my unit. Then last year the City became aware of the addition and served me with a Notice that the porch addition violated certain zoning laws. It had to be torn down or I would be fined.

I have never been in trouble with the law before and was a nervous wreck. After my free consultation with Dan Connolly of the Connolly Law Firm my fears were reduced; but not gone. We still had to meet with zoning officials from Ankeny, request  a variance from the Ankeny Board of Adjustment and get  the approval of nearby neighbors for the nonconforming addition.

Mr. Connolly addressed the zoning officials then presented my case to the board hoping it would allow the porch to stay. The board did approve my variance request (as long as I made certain upgrades to the porch). Mr. Connolly got the job done. Now I can sleep again! Thanks Dan.

Judy Pullin (November 2015)


My wife and I were selling our home without a realtor. We were moving out of state and turned to Attorney Dan Connolly in Urbandale to assist us with the sale. He provided the Seller’s Disclosure Statement form together with other materials required of Sellers. We then entered a Purchase Agreement drafted by Dan with a Buyer.

Everything was proceeding towards closing. Then at the last minute we discovered the Buyer could not get financing. Even though Connolly had rendered services in preparation for closing he only charged us a minimal fee due to the way the deal fell at the last minute. This fee included preparing a cancellation document and securing the Buyer’s signature. This alleviated a lot of uncertainty for now we knew this particular contract was void.

I complement Dan for his integrity and his flexibility on fees in light of the situation. If you are in a For Sale by Owner situation, either as Seller or Buyer, we highly recommend considering having Dan Connolly represent you to ensure a successful transaction.

Burke and Renae Milnes (November 2015)



I live on a small lot in the city. Then I bought several acres on the SE side of Des Moines to build my dream house. Found out it could not be done with the property’s current zoning classification. I needed a variance; an exception granted by the City of Des Moines to the zoning regulations.

I hired Attorney Connolly to help guide me through the zoning variance process with City staff. At the Board of Adjustment meeting I was granted the variance. I am good to go with building my house. Thanks Dan!

Brent Boren (November 2014)


I was faced with a time sensitive issue on a real estate transaction. I owned a residence in Marshalltown that I rented out. However, I never had it approved by the City as a rental property.

When this came to light the City told me either sell the house or bring the property up to code for rental properties.

The City gave me a deadline to comply. If the deadline was missed and my tenant still resided there I would be fined $750 a day until it was brought up to code and inspected. Otherwise, I had to kick the person out who is living there and leave it set empty.

So I contacted Dan and he helped me solve this issue with a real estate contract. He was very professional and extremely helpful, not to mention very proficient and expedient.

This was resolved quickly with his help and I was very satisfied. He will be my “Go to Guy” from here on out with my legal needs in the future.

Thanks Dan for being there for me.

Joe Eash – August 2014


“I sought the counsel of Attorney Dan Connolly after the discovery of a misplaced sewer line and related easement that ran under my mother’s home.

Dan helped navigate the issue with the City of Des Moines. He negotiated an acquisition of the property by the City rather than opt for the City’s offer to relocate the sewer and/or easement.

I was faced with a difficult situation and the Connolly Law Firm came through with a timely and positive resolution.  I would not hesitate to recommend or utilize his services again should the need arise.”

Jill Porter – January 2014 


“You delivered again Dan! Earlier this year Attorney Dan assisted me with acquiring a foreclosure house from the VA.

Recently, I had defective installation issues with a siding contractor and I reached out to Dan again for guidance. Connolly Law Firm helped me negotiate a settlement and move on.”

Lora Scrignoli Cesana – December 2013


“I entered a contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs to buy a foreclosed house in Des Moines. I needed to change terms of the contract. But the VA’s local real estate agent was nonresponsive and of little help.

Frustrated I hired real estate attorney Dan Connolly. He took on the multiple layers of decision makers at the VA. Connolly’s calm persistence got the job done! The VA amended the contract terms and extended closing a couple of times. I now have closed and own the house.

Thanks Dan. I will certainly refer you to others.”

Lora Scrignoli Cesana – May 2013


“After the downturn in the real estate market, my wife and I were unable to sell our townhome in West Des Moines.  After much consideration, we decided to make the property a rental unit – despite having little experience in such matters.  As a new Landlord, we needed the advice of an knowledgeable legal professional to help us navigate through our rights and obligations as a Lessor – hence, we turned to Connolly Law Firm.   With counsel from Dan Connolly, one of the services he provided was to negotiate an early termination of the lease. Mr. Connolly provided great advice and prepared the early termination paperwork in short order.  We will turn to him again for future any legal matters. Thanks!”

Casey and Britne Dietz – April 2013


We had issues with the Seller of an installment contract with us as Buyers. Seller failed to accurately account for each monthly payment which led to us overpaying him almost $30,000 of  principal. Thankfully with Mr. Connolly’s assistance the error was discovered. Seller  was totally uncooperative when this over payment issue was mentioned.. He even threatened to forfeit the contract. But eventually we  were able to negotiate a credit on our contract for all those the over payments and knock several years off  what we were previously told was the payoff date.

Did we mention that while all this was happening the Seller was in breach of contract for not paying property taxes when due. He also had a mortgage against the house in violation of the contract. These matters too were addressed by Mr. Connolly with positive results.

We now have a contract with an accurate amortization schedule, property taxes that are paid when due and Seller’s mortgage has terms allowed under our contract. Thanks!

Don and Donna Batterton – 2011


“I used Dan Connolly as my attorney in 2010-2011 to resolve a real estate matter. He was straightforward, honest and frank in explaining the issues and giving advice.. Mr. Connolly achieved a favorable outcome for me.”

Galen Ellsberry, The Ellsberry Company
April 2011



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